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Now that the China market has reopened for tourism, there is much pent-up demand for outbound travel from Chinese citizens who have not been able to leave their borders for three years. Chinese OTA Ctrip is predicting that Chinese outbound tourism numbers could return to 80-95% of pre-pandemic levels by 2023, bringing the world’s highest spending tourist back to your destination!

However, the Chinese tourist’s preferences, booking habits and needs have changed dramatically in the last three years, requiring tourism destinations to refresh their Chinese tourism programs and service standards. To answer this need, the team that designed and delivered Brand USA, Visit California and Los Angeles Tourism’s China-Ready training program is now offering online training courses designed for destinations and hotels around the world to quickly bring their staff and executives up to speed on the changes among Chinese tourists and refresh or create your own China-readiness plan.

CLA has launched the first in its series of online training courses: China-Ready Essentials that is available online for purchase. This course is designed for tourism executives, front-line staff, customer experience specialists and marketing professionals in order to provide your staff with the fundamentals of welcoming Chinese tourists to your destination. The course covers:

      – An update on the Chinese tourism opportunity and latest developments post-COVID
      – A primer on Chinese culture, do’s and don’ts and useful facts and tips
      – Cross cultural understanding and context
      – Chinese consumer profiles, preferences and trends post-COVID
      – Recommendations and tips for creating your own China-Ready program

We will be rolling our new training courses frequently, and are also available for:
      – Conducting a custom live online training course
      – Hosting a custom workshop/coaching session
      – Designing a custom China-Ready program
      – Creating and executing digital marketing and booking for Chinese tourists
      – Executing Chinese tourism marketing campaigns (influencers, media buying and more..)
      – China strategy consulting
      – Over the last ten years, CLA has created:
      – Top revenue generating tourism strategy and implementation for Spanish shopping center El Corte Ingles
      – Leading cultural content & social media program for the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
      – WeChat booking and digital campaigns and for The Standard Hotels
      – China-Ready training program for Los Angeles Tourism, Brand USA, Visit California, Montreal & Vienna 
      – Double digit ROI program for Beverly Center shopping center 
      – Highest ROI tourism focused ads for Michael Kors
      – Award-winning tourism campaigns campaigns for L’Oreal Travel Retail
      – Award-winning tourism & digital marketing program for the state of Utah

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Who We Are

China Luxury Advisors Inc (CLA) is a China strategy consultant that advises and works collaboratively with luxury and premium brands, retailers, streetwear brands, tourism brands and more to develop their China market strategy.

Our tailored approach creates specific programming to help our clients capture and maximize their ROI potential with this influential and growing audience.

Established in 2011, CLA offers a full suite of China strategy consulting services including:

China market assessment China market entry strategy development China market research, including quantitative and qualitative consumer research, as well as expert interviews and channel checks Cross-border China e-commerce market entry and execution, including Tmall and WeChat China market strategic financial planning and investment criteria Due diligence of Chinese companies and China market opportunities Global Chinese consumer marketing and activation Chinese social media management and development, including Weibo, Little Red Book, WeChat and livestreaming

CLA has offices in Los Angeles, New York and affiliate partners in Beijing and Shanghai.

Who We Work With

What We Do


We are a strategy consultancy at our core. We actively work with destinations, attractions and global luxury brands to contextualize the Chinese consumer opportunity. Our tailored strategies provide the vision to overcome obstacles and the innovation to drive sustainable results.



Our custom research is a roadmap to the Global Chinese Demographic. Our research experts have the ability to handle quick turn surveys to gauge the pulse of consumer sentiment to more in depth qualitative studies to uncover forward looking insights that will impact company performance.



CLA works closely with brands to develop customized approaches to entering the China market. As part of this process, CLA assesses the opportunity, identifies appropriate partners, conducts consumer and resesearch and develops multi-year entry execution plans.



The diversity and mix of the China advertising landscape is staggering. Our paid media experts are well versed in the benefits and pitfalls of each channel and platform to ensure a targeted media plan is developed to reach your KPIs no matter the budget.



Generating a strong social presence that attracts the Chinese consumer matters. From crafting unique brand stories, social giveaway programs to managing creative influencer campaigns, our digital team understands how to create meaningful engagement on social.



CLA has deep domain expertise and dedicated digital development capabilities tailored for the China market. We are experienced in building targeted solutions for global brands including social campaigns, gamification, local app development and websites.


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