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Influencer Marketing: How to Utah

Utah provides impeccable summer travel opportunities with the Mighty 5®, Scenic byways, national monuments, and state parks, and thus has seen an increasing number of Chinese tourists in recent years. To further enhance Utah’s brand awareness and engage with potential Chinese travelers, the Utah Office of Tourism tasked China Luxury Advisors to partner with bilingual travel influencer @Jessica白洁 (Jessica Beinecke) and develop an educational video series called “I Know This Spot: How to Utah” in summer 2018.


Utah’s numerous scenic destinations and outdoor activities distinguish itself from major US gateway cities and match the appetite of millennial Chinese independent travelers for non-cliche travel experiences. Therefore, Utah Office of Tourism needs marketing and educational assets to fully prepare the visitors for Utah outdoor adventures.


China Luxury Advisors partnered with @Jessica白洁 as Jessica has successfully developed a Chinese travel program called “I Know This Spot” to showcase U.S. travel destinations. We worked with Jessica on video topics, Chinese scripts and promotion plan. The videos are eventually published and promoted on Jessica’s Weibo accounts, and Utah’s Official Weibo and WeChat accounts.


I Know This Spot: How To Utah Topics & Video Links
  – Episode 1: Preparing to Explore Utah
  – Episode 2: Wayfinding
  – Episode 3: Leave No Trace
  – Episode 4: Ancient Rocks
  – Episode 5: Tech Free Hiking
  – Episode 6: Ask for Directions in English

The videos were launched on Weibo and WeChat in August, 2018; Within 17 days, the total video views have reached 3 million.

This campaign has won the The 2018 HSMAI Adrian Awards out of more than 1100 entries.

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