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Inside the New MoMA WeChat Strategy

After a four-month-long renovation, an added 47,000 square feet, and a cost of $450 million, America’s newly-reopened premier modern art museum can be partially understood in numerical terms. But one overlooked metric can be found in MoMA’s revamped performance on WeChat. With a 200 percent increase in Q3 article reads over the same quarter last year, the…
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MoMA Attracts Chinese Consumers with WeChat Advent Calendar

Original Article: https://jingtravel.com/moma-wechat-advent-calendar/ — By Ruonan Zheng—December 17, 2018 Many U.S. museums have yet to establish a WeChat presence, and even those that have them aren’t using the platform to create interactive holiday campaigns aimed at selling tickets or souvenirs to Chinese visitors. One museum, however, has stepped up their game recently with an innovative way to appeal to…
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