Online Quantitative Consumer Surveys 

CLA works with clients to develop targeted questions for Chinese consumers, and to translate these into Chinese and design the survey methodology and approach. CLA will jointly determine the target customer with the brand, as well as the ideal survey platform and method to obtain the desired results. Examples of consumer targeting include: 

  • Consumers who have purchased a specific brand within the last six months 
  • Demographic, income level, geography, retail access (for example, have a certain store in their city) 
  • Consumer interests (sports, travel, etc) 
  • Consumers who live in a specific country (UK, US, Canada, China, etc..) 
  • Travel history (consumers who have traveled to specific countries within a specified time frame) 

CLA works closely with its clients to design the survey, implements the survey and provides detailed analysis and strategic recommendations based on insights gleaned from the survey. 

CLA’s Flash Survey Product 

We have built a WeChat-powered consumer insights service that allows brands and destinations to reach a custom-targeted group of consumers via Chinese KOLs, WeChat groups and specific publications — and to answer key strategic questions.

Our extensive experience within this demographic indicates that research requirements and consumer habits/preferences vary immeasurably, based on industry sector, target demographics, product specificity, geography and research goals. 

How it works: 

  • CLA creates a custom survey for you on its WeChat platform. 
  • CLA identifies KOLs, WeChat groups or other WeChat distribution methods tailored to reach your target demographic to distribute the survey. 
  • The KOL or other partner distributes the survey and promotes an incentive to take the survey (typically a lucky draw/sweepstakes).
  • CLA works with the KOL(s) to continue to flight the survey until the target sample size and distribution is met. 
  • CLA verifies and analyzes the data and provides a custom report to the client with strategic recommendations based on the insights gleaned from the study. 

CLA’s Offline QR Code Enabled Research Service

CLA works with destinations, hotels and retailers to implement offline surveys in order to gain feedback from visitors to your destination in real time. CLA works with its client to design signage and incentives to ensure engagement of Chinese consumers visiting your location. 

One-on-One Qualitative Interviews

CLA works with clients to conduct one-on-one interviews with consumers and experts in order to glean specific insights into strategic business questions. To do so, CLA works closely with the client to identify key interview profiles and interview guides. Examples of interviews include: 

  • One-on-one consumer interviews in China – either at a retail store, in an office environment or via home visits or intercept interviews (such as at the airport or mall) 
  • Mall operators to gauge key retail trends and brand performance 
  • Retail staff to understand consumer purchase triggers and habits 
  • One-on-one consumer interviews with Chinese consumers outside of China (United States, Canada, Europe) 
  • E-commerce operators (including multi-brand operators and TMall Partners (TPs) 
  • Daigou resellers (global) 
  • KOLs (global) 
  • Chinese media editors 
  • Tour operators and tour guides 
  • Chinese students studying abroad 

CLA conducts these interviews in Chinese, and provides both the raw interview recordings and notes, as well as English translated raw notes and analysis and recommendations.