Museums in the Cloud

Museums in the Cloud

A webinar from China Luxury Advisors, Jing Travel, Move The Mind, and Content Commerce Insider that explored innovative digital solutions for museums to inspire, engage, and delight Chinese consumers. 

• Renee Hartmann, Co-Founder, China Luxury Advisors
• Jessica Dai, Cultural Lead, China Luxury Advisors
• Sky Canaves, Editorial Director, Content Commerce Insider
• (Moderator) Peter Huang, Managing Editor, Jing Travel

With the global pandemic forcing cultural institutions across the United States to close their doors and pivot to digital engagement tools, WeChat Go has teamed up with 11 U.S. museums to launch individual Mini Programs, non-downloadable applications within WeChat’s ecosystem. The initiative, “Museum in the Cloud”, provides museums with a new mode of connecting with Chinese audiences. Participating museums have incorporated a range of cultural resources into their Mini Programs from VR tours to audio-video resources, which greatly enhances their ability to connect with a socially distanced public.

This hour-long webinar explored this new virtual landscape, and the opportunities and challenges it presents to institutions even after this period of lockdown.

Co-hosted by China Luxury Advisors (CLA) and Jing Travel, it tackled focus areas such as livestreaming and e-commerce, while highlighting the digital-native approach of WeChat Go’s Mini Programs. 

You can view the recording of the webinar here:

View the Museums in the Cloud video here:

View CLA’s presentation here:


View Content Commerce Insider’s presentation here:


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