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Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Re: Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

The Story: The future of mobile is being written in China and in a pitched battle for mobile dominance, Chinese travelers may be the ultimate prize.

What to Know:

  • For young Chinese travelers, mobile technology is what makes a trip real. Without the witnessing, researching, proving, bragging, booking and sharing it makes possible, there is literally no trip. Without pics… it didn’t happen.
  • Daily or occasionally, 91% of the travelers we profiled, visit websites to research things to see and do
  • 89% post online reviews of experiences
  • 89% use travel guide apps
  • 88% post photos on social media
  • 90% daily or occasionally use their technology to make calls, while 87% hourly or daily chat with friends on WeChat
  • While WeChat is the relative newcomer, its dominance as the de facto “life operating system” is giving it a grip on young travelers
  • Our research shows that of Millennial overseas travelers, 80% daily or occasionally consult official WeChat accounts of destinations they visit, and 87% chat with friends hourly or daily on WeChat

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