El Corte Ingles

Largest European Retailer Seeks Influencer Engagement


El Corte Ingles, the largest retailer in Europe, was seeking to raise awareness of its department stores in Spain and to engage more deeply with Chinese tourists interested in fashion and style advice. Our multi-layered, comprehensive solution involved some of China’s most influential and well known influencers and bloggers, as well as the triumphant utilization of China’s top social media platforms. The results speak for themselves.


El Corte Ingles wanted their department stores, in Spain, front and center in the minds of Chinese travelers and shoppers, most especially those Chinese tourists focused on design, style and luxury fashion.


CLA worked with El Corte Ingles to develop a multi-year campaign that targeted Chinese consumers both before travel and during travel. This included the launch of branded social media channels on Chinese platforms WeChat and Weibo. We also developed several innovative Chinese New Year fashion campaigns to showcase El Corte Ingles as a desirable fashion destination for Chinese tourists. We hosted an exhibit of eight leading Chinese fashion designers in El Corte Ingles’ flagship store in Madrid, including Xander Zhou, who has shown at London Fashion Week. We developed a jewelry collaboration with Chinese actress Liu Yun & ELLE Magazine, with Liu Yun featuring the collection at ELLE Fashion Awards in China, as well as visiting Madrid and hosting digital competitions. We arranged the visit of five Chinese bloggers to Madrid and featured a photo competition of their best shots on an inside view of Madrid. This included top Chinese blogger Mr. Bags. We created a fashion shoot and video of Chinese television personality, Crystal Mu, and hosted a digital competition to vote for the best look.


El Corte Ingles has experienced record high ROI on its influencer projects. The most recent campaign with CLA generate more than 5.6 million views on Weibo and 6.2 million views on WeChat. Both WeChat and Weibo followers grew more than 100% during the campaign period. Inbound inquiries to the retailer’s official WeChat account skyrocketed, giving El Corte Ingles valuable insight into potential shoppers allowing them to jumpstart digital CRM efforts. Additionally, El Corte Ingles created valuable engaging and unique content that can be used in the future.

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