Winning by a Whisker: A Lunar New Year Explainer

Winning by a Whisker: A Lunar New Year Explainer

Discover CLA’s Latest Report For Lunar New Year Engagement Tips.

Which direction should you favor in the (Lunar) new year?

In Chinese tradition, each arrival of the annual Spring Festival portends a fresh new direction… literally, a preferred compass direction, which will influence decisions and focus attention throughout the year.

Aside from compass navigation, Lunar New Year is the most significant holiday of the year for many cultures in Asia, and deserves special attention from brands and destinations.

Chunyun, the annual Spring Festival travel rush, surrounds the Lunar New Year for roughly 40 days from mid-January through mid-February. To put the scale of Lunar new year in context, the total number of Chunyun season journeys will exceed three billion this year, including millions of overseas flights to delightful holiday destinations.

The Lunar New Year is celebrated in China, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. CLA’s report offers a specific “how-to guide” to better understand the nuances of the holiday, how Chinese consumers celebrate Lunar New Year — and how brands can engage with globetrotting consumers in thoughtful ways.

The report includes:

  • Do’s and don’ts
  • Cultural traditions and nuances
  • Year of the Rat lucky elements
  • Examples of retailer, destination and brand activations