Clé de Peau Beauté


Reaching Local Consumer Through Events, Ads and Content

Clé de Peau Beauté was seeing strong demand from Chinese students and young women living in the United States. They wanted to better understand their appeal to this consumer base, they needed a greater grasp on their product preferences and, most importantly, they needed the tools to strengthen and feed the connection with these consumers.

The unique comprehensive consumer engagement program we designed for them allowed a better understanding of their current and potential Chinese customers. We also hosted in-person engagement events to introduce the brand to potential consumers, align with Chinese influencers, collect consumer information and drive same-day and future sales.


Clé de Peau Beauté needed a comprehensive understanding of why they were seeing such a strong demand from Chinese students and young women living in the United States. What made them so appealing, what products in particular were their Chinese customers responding to and how do they successfully maintain the bond between their brand and their consumers?


Our comprehensive consumer engagement program shone a light on the who, why and what concerning current and potential Chinese customers. CLA organized X in-person engagement events in conjunction with Chinese influencers and student groups in X markets in order to glean actionable insights from target consumers in a casual and intimate setting. We also worked with influencers to position the brand in an aspirational manner. Creating trial and sales opportunities was a crucial and effective part of our strategy.


The project allowed CPB to engaged directly with more than 374 target consumers, capturing valuable customer information, creating high single digit ROI on events. In-depth insights were also gathered to inform future products and retail/e-commerce strategies.

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