Decoding Daigou: China’s New Social Commerce

Decoding Daigou: China’s New Social Commerce

A fast-paced webinar from China Luxury Advisors, Jing Daily and YouWorld exploring the rise of Social Selling in China and its impact on cross-border e-commerce in a post COVID-19 world.

This hour-long session drew insights from more than 200 Daigou shoppers surveyed by CLA during April, to develop actionable intelligence into the impact of COVID-19 on their business, and specifically how consumers in China are shopping for overseas products via Social Selling and Daigou shoppers. We also dug into strategies by which brands can engage this powerful consumer, and how social selling is driving the growth of luxury brands among Chinese consumers.

Speakers included:

• Renee Hartmann, CLA Co-Founder
• Bo Wang, YouWorld Founder
• Yue Jin, Personal Product Hunter, Go Funer
• Moderator: Enrique Menendez, Jing Daily Editor in Chief

Access the recording of the webinar here:

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Download CLA’s Decoding Daigou report here:

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And finally, our key takeaways from the webinar for retailers on driving business from Personal Product Hunters:

  • View customers as marketers: Personal Product Hunters drive brand awareness and high volume purchases.  Getting the word out on promotions helps them amplify your campaign to their private traffic customers.
  • Virtual store events: In lieu of crowded one day events, invite influencers to host livestream events for on-the-spot virtual purchases.
  • Product showcase: Develop relationships with personal product hunters to identify and showcase this season's hot products and what is trending amongst their customer base.
  • Understand their preferred payment: Payment solutions like YouWorld offer multi-channel marketing distribution of gift cards to Chinese living in the U.S. who prefer to pay with mobile wallets. Personal Product Hunters are often searching and using these offer sections for deals.

Reach out to CLA and YouWorld to get access to this special group.

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