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China Travel Rebounds After a Three-Year Hiatus

EXCLUSIVE CLA INSIGHTS Tourism Destinations Are Readying for Chinese Tourists ReturnLunar New Year saw a surge in domestic tourism in China, with more than 300 million trips taken in the first 6 days of the Chinese New Year festival alone, and total domestic tourism spending was up 30% from 2022 and up 73% from 2019…
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Year of the Rabbit in Review

EXCLUSIVE CLA INSIGHTS Another Chinese New Year ushers in celebration, blessings, and a fresh wave of creative brand campaigns. Rabbit IPs graced the limited new products of major brands. Brand stories about Lunar New Year have also been presented in more and more diverse ways. Here are the top trends we’ve observed this year, and some…
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How To Manage Your Social Media Channels Prior To China Market Entry

The number one question that brands should be asking themselves prior to entering the China market is: What is our brand awareness in China? The answer is often surprising. Well-known brands in their home market often find they have near zero awareness in China, while some more niche brands can be surprised to find out…
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Five Questions You Should Be Asking About Your China Market Strategy

While China’s domestic consumer market continues to expand rapidly and is fueling growth for global brands, we confront more challenges than ever in executing a China market strategy, including: Decoupling: China is effectively walled off from international markets due to COVID-related travel and entry restrictions, making it impossible for global market managers to drop into…
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Three Reasons To Adopt A Cross-Border E-Commerce China Market Entry Strategy

Determining a market entry strategy for China is unique to each brand, its awareness in the market, internal resource prioritization and appetite for risk. While an offline retail presence is critical to the long term success of any China market entry strategy, many brands are turning to cross border e-commerce as their initial China market…
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China’s Second Largest E-commerce Holiday:6/18 A Preview

China’s second largest annual “e-commerce holiday” lands on June 18th.  C2 Global expects an increase in overall spending for 6/18 this year, building on record-setting $136.5 billion sales of 2020. We surveyed 1,020 consumers in China to assess their preferences for the upcoming 6/18 promotional event, and 76% said that they were either going to…
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Previewing the Return of Chinese International Travel

With summer tourism approaching and international travel restrictions shifting minute-to-minute, many countries will see spurts of international visitation this summer. However, we are not likely to see an immediate full scale return of Chinese tourists given the current quarantine requirements for reentry to China, as well as concerns about recent COVID outbreaks in Asia.  C2 Global surveyed 1,107 Chinese consumers in April…
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Living up to the Hype: Livestreaming 2021

Livestreaming is the buzz-iest trend to emerge from China’s e-commerce economy in the past year.  As retailers around the world seek lessons from China’s success in livestreaming, we examine what Chinese consumers want in their ‘streams, who they trust and what makes them buy.  In March 2021, C2 Global surveyed 1,102 Chinese consumers who have…
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Coresight Conversations: Female Founders Forum

CLA Co-Founder joined Coresight Conversations to chat with Coresight Founder Deborah Weinswig to discuss how Female Founders are adapting to the coronavirus crisis. Renee shares key learnings from China and how businesses adapted in the China market.

Free Report Download: Coronavirus Briefing China’s Outbound Tourism Will Be Hurt but Possibly Not for Long

Scroll to the end of article for free report download! In collaboration with China Luxury Advisors, we look at how the coronavirus outbreak is affecting Chinese outbound travelers and airport retail around the world ⎯ and we offer suggestions for how travel-impacted firms could cope with the disruption. The coronavirus outbreak is set to impact…
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