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Earth Day: Sustainability and Chinese Consumers in 2021

As COVID-weary Western nations drift into the early stages of an unsettled transition “back to normal,” a deeper understanding of sustainable growth and Earth Day’s relevance has taken root in the public mind. Global brands, therefore, are focused more than ever on enhancing sustainability programs to appeal to consumers’ preferences.  Environmental awareness, global health concerns and other sustainability-related subjects are similarly…
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Chinese Outbound Tourists Survey 2018: Urban Millennials Lead the Charge to More Independent, Adventurous Travel

Scroll to the end of article for free report download! This report details the results of our fourth annual proprietary survey of Chinese overseas tourists’ travel and spending behaviors and preferences, undertaken in partnership with China Luxury Advisors. The top six takeaways from our 2018 survey are:  Millennials—those in their 20s and 30s—are changing the…
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Free Report Download: the Future of Chinese International Travel

Resonance Consultancy and China Luxury Advisors surveyed more than 3,000 mainland Chinese tourists who traveled internationally in the past 12 months about their long-haul, international travel preferences.