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Successful Strategies to Navigate the Chinaverse

EXCLUSIVE INSIGHTS How to Harness the Power of Digital Collectibles in China China kicked off the year by launching its own digital asset trading platform “Digital Collection Home” to facilitate transactions. And now, digital collectibles are providing a unique way for brands to connect with Chinese consumers by creating personalized and exclusive products that align…
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Solar Terms and Niche Holidays are the New Marketing Powerhouses

EXCLUSIVE INSIGHTS Springtime Marketing Strategies to Shine The latest trend in marketing in China is creating an energetic Spring campaign by giving Chinese folk culture a modern twist. Here’s how you can do it: Leverage Solar Terms: Solar term marketing, 节气 is a concept based on China’s ancient calendar, incorporating elements of lunar and solar calendars,…
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7 Insights on Chinese Tourism from WTM London 2019

Stargazing is especially attractive to Chinese tourists in destinations like Nova Scotia (pictured). Photo courtesy of Tourism Nova Scotia / Photographer: Acorn Art Photography Original Article: 13 Nov 2019 | Article by: Sienna Parulis-Cook Dragon Trail attended WTM London from 4-6 November, 2019. In addition to giving a keynote and running a panel on customization and personalization in…
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