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Will Daigou Help Brands Survive COVID-19?

With mounting pressure to perform due to COVID-19, brands have slowly warmed up to working side by side with daigou. Photo: Shutterstock. Beijing office worker Cheryl Chen works with at least five different daigou on her WeChat. Some are brand-specific (like one who hunts for unique Chanel collections or niche brands like By Far), and others are country-specific,…
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Decoding Daigou: China’s New Social Commerce

A fast-paced webinar from China Luxury Advisors, Jing Daily and YouWorld exploring the rise of Social Selling in China and its impact on cross-border e-commerce in a post COVID-19 world. This hour-long session drew insights from more than 200 Daigou shoppers surveyed by CLA during April, to develop actionable intelligence into the impact of COVID-19…
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Museums in the Cloud

A webinar from China Luxury Advisors, Jing Travel, Move The Mind, and Content Commerce Insider that explored innovative digital solutions for museums to inspire, engage, and delight Chinese consumers.  Speakers:• Renee Hartmann, Co-Founder, China Luxury Advisors• Jessica Dai, Cultural Lead, China Luxury Advisors• Sky Canaves, Editorial Director, Content Commerce Insider• (Moderator) Peter Huang, Managing Editor,…
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Cultural Tourism: Win Digital-Savvy Chinese Travelers in Post-Covid 19 Era

With over 150 million Chinese travelers recently cancelling their domestic & international trips due to coronavirus, the tourism industry – worth 10 percent of global GDP – is being hit hard. As a result, global human interactions are being pushed online; a transformation that took off in China years ago. Cultural institutions and tourism professionals now…
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Post Covid – Beijing, New York and London how’s it looking on the other side?

The UK is slowly coming out of the lockdown while other countries, notably China, have gone back to a certain degree of normality back in April. There are still many open questions as to how consumers and different sectors of the economy will adjust, and how brands should navigate the “new normal”. The founders of…
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The Chinese Traveler in a Post COVID-19 World

CLA shares data and insights from its ongoing tracking of Chinese consumer sentiment and its impact on the tourism sector. As the global tourism industry limps into a hesitant local and regional rebound with the onset of Summer, tourism destinations are anxious for the return of international travellers during the second half of 2020. China has long…
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Preparing for the Rebound

We enjoyed our discussion on a wide range of topics affecting companies around the world moderated by BBC Presenter, Nigel Cassidy.  You can access the discussion through this:

Implications of the Coronavirus

2020 has started off on a difficult track for China. With the outbreak of the coronavirus most Chinese citizens are deeply concerned and worried about the spread of the virus, with many staying inside for the last few weeks to reduce their risk to exposure. As China begins to restart the economy, this week we…
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