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East to West Expansion Picking Up Steam

EXCLUSIVE INSIGHTS Asian Brands Deploy Digital-First Strategies Worldwide As the pandemic winds down and global travel opens up, Asian companies are increasingly expanding their operations into Western markets. Asian companies are succeeding in their market entry due to their overwhelmingly digital roots. When Asian brands emerge globally, they have future-forward tactics in their tool belt…
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Is It Game Over for China’s Grey Market Sellers?

A shopper browses handbags and wallets inside a Furla SpA store in Hong Kong | Source: Getty Images A global pandemic is bad news for any number of businesses, but for Chinese daigou agents, strict travel limits and tighter regulations are putting the future of their entire industry at risk. SHANGHAI, China —  When Xiao Xiang…
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Post Covid – Beijing, New York and London how’s it looking on the other side?

The UK is slowly coming out of the lockdown while other countries, notably China, have gone back to a certain degree of normality back in April. There are still many open questions as to how consumers and different sectors of the economy will adjust, and how brands should navigate the “new normal”. The founders of…
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Preparing for the Rebound

We enjoyed our discussion on a wide range of topics affecting companies around the world moderated by BBC Presenter, Nigel Cassidy.  You can access the discussion through this:

Bigger than Black Friday, More Epic than Cyber Monday… Singles’ Day!

Singles’ Day, November 11th, is here! It’s the quintessential do what I want, all about me, self-care day. Stay out late, shop for whatever you fancy, travel at a moment’s notice or spend the day binge watching your latest TV obsession. It celebrates the freedom of being single. It has also, in more recent years,…
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