Bigger than Black Friday, More Epic than Cyber Monday… Singles’ Day!

Bigger than Black Friday, More Epic than Cyber Monday… Singles’ Day!

Singles’ Day, November 11th, is here! It’s the quintessential do what I want, all about me, self-care day. Stay out late, shop for whatever you fancy, travel at a moment’s notice or spend the day binge watching your latest TV obsession. It celebrates the freedom of being single. It has also, in more recent years, become an opportunity to spend the day mingling with friends, picking out the perfect gift for your crush, attending dating parties or testing your luck on a blind date. Whatever the plans may include… shopping is usually part of it!

We asked two young, luxury shopping enthusiasts about their plans for the big day, favorite brands of the moment and, of course, what’s on their wish lists.

Chai: 27 year old male, junior data analyst.

CLA: Hi Chai, thanks so much for chatting with us. First things first, what’s in your shopping cart for this year’s Singles’ Day?

Jessie: The weather is pretty dry recently and my skin condition is not very stable. I have been using the SK-II and Orbin series for a while and I heard the HFP set gets high reviews recently so I will just buy everything and try to see which one is the best for my skin! 1. HFP(home facial pro) set 2. SK-II set 3. Orbin series 4. Enzyme series 5. Protein powder

CLA: When in doubt, buy it all! We’re curious about what trends/brands that you’re following this fall?

Jessie: I have followed Miansai Jewelery for a while and I like it very much. I originally noticed about the brand from the app named Xiaohongshu. People recommended their jewelry because of the affordable price level and quality they got. Then, I looked at their official website and bought some to see if they are really that good. When I received their products, I was amazed by their quality. By the way, I just placed another order last week, and I will stay with the brand until I find a better one.

CLA: What are going to be some of your go-to gifts this holiday season?

Jessie: I’m planning on buying some skin products for my girlfriends and my mother for holiday gifts this year. For my father, maybe some clothing like a warm coat and sweaters because he never buys any clothing himself.

CLA: What’s been your favorite purchase in the last few months? Online or offline? And how satisfied were you with the whole purchase experience?

Jessie: I guess my favorite purchase was the Hermes Picotin bag I bought last month. You know how difficult is to get this bag… because the color is very popular. My sales associate made me wait for almost 3 weeks and finally called me that the bag is back in stock. I purchased it in the boutique. I was so excited to get this bag and satisfied with the purchase experience.

CLA: That is a stunning bag! Lastly, tell us what you’ll be doing on November 11th this year…

Jessie: Nothing special. Since I don’t have a boyfriend and we have a holiday break on the 11th, so I’ll probably play mahjong with my girlfriends and stay warm inside!

CLA:  Thanks so much, Chai! Enjoy your day!

Jessie: 28 year old female, event planning manager.

CLA: Hi Jessie, let’s dive right in… What’s in your shopping cart for Single’s day?

Jessie: Clothing! A prom dress, socks, and a coat. Also beauty and hair products, Skinceuticals serum, moisture masks, and shampoo and conditioner. Oh and office accessories.

CLA:  Tell us about the brands and trends you’re following this fall…

Jessie: For the beauty brand, Skinceuticals is my favorite recently. One of my friends recommended this brand a couple of months ago and she bought me some of their products from the United States. I have known this brand for years but never used any. I’ve loved the serum, ever since I started using it. My blemishes seem lighter and are fading away. I also really like the new season of Balenciaga. The sneakers and bags, very stylish, you definitely can wear anything to match them.

CLA:  Skinceuticals is one of our faves here at CLA too! What items will you be gifting to your friends and loved ones this holiday season?

Jessie: I will get a Christmas lipstick gift set for my girlfriends and sisters. For my boyfriend, I haven’t decided yet, maybe the Yeezy boost 350 v2 because he always likes the series.

CLA:  Lucky guy! Tell us about your favorite purchase in the last few months? Online or offline? Were you satisfied with the purchase experience?

Jessie: My favorite purchase was the Balenciaga agneau bag that I bought in Paris this summer. You know, as a traveler, we can have our tax returned and the price is much more affordable in Europe. I do wish they had a sales assistant who could speak Chinese in their boutique, we had a hard time communicating with each other. Anyway, my assistant was very nice and patient. I was pretty much satisfied with my purchase experience.

CLA:  Sounds dreamy. Finally, how do you plan on spending Single’s Day this year?

Jessie: Unfortunately, working will be my plan for this Single’s day.

CLA:  Thanks so much for talking with us, Jessie! Enjoy your day!!



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