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Asian Art Museum in San Francisco Seeks to Up Their Digital Game

The Asian Art Museum (AAM) wanted to find a way to expand awareness of its unique collection of Asian art and antiquities while simultaneously increasing visits from Chinese travelers.

With very little financial investment from the AAM, we blazed a trail that continues to be used by museums in several major US cities. Yep, we did that.


The Asian Art Museum wanted and needed more people, most specifically Chinese tourists, to be more aware of the vast, permanent collection that they showcase. Upping their yearly visits came next.


CLA worked closely with the Asian Art Museum to create a comprehensive Chinese consumer solution, including increased relationships with the Chinese travel trade, promoting AAM’s exhibits to Chinese media and establishing a robust presence on Chinese digital platforms. CLA also helped AAM to establish a number of firsts within the museum sector in the United States with WeChat, including the first museum to launch a comprehensive WeChat mini-program which features a museum audio-guide. They were also the first museum to launch WeChat Pay and the first museum to host multiple live-streams on the Tencent media platform.


The Asian Art Museum received extensive media value for very little investment, with the livestreams achieving more than 989,000 views, and increasing the WeChat follower base by approximately 45%.

Digital Development: Museum Visitor Guide

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