Re: Accommodations

The Story: Where are Chinese travelers staying when they arrive at their travel destination? And who is welcoming them at their destinations of choice? 

What to Know:

  • Our study shows that full-service hotels and resorts are their first choice (60%), followed by limited service or economy hotels and resorts and boutique hotels.
  • Upscale/luxury hotel and resorts are seventh in popularity, but owners of luxury properties are betting on growth in upscale popularity.
  • Non-traditional accommodation is also growing in popularity, particularly among younger travelers. In our study, 42% of all travelers and 35% of Millennials are “interested in trying services like Airbnb.
  • If you add the interest and use among the young, 93% of them are engaged with Airbnb on some level.
  • Wherever they stay, our study shows that Chinese travelers have a key demand in common with international travelers everywhere: free Wi-Fi outpaces privacy, walking distance to public transportation, shopping and restaurants, proximity to must-see attractions, mobile payment options, and even slippers and hot kettles!
  • As Chinese travel continues to expand, we expect the impact to be felt in cities around the world. As cities look toward the future and seek to understand how best to address this audience, we recommend some of the following ways to attract and accommodate Chinese travelers.
    1. Instagrammable Locations
    2. One-Of-Kind Experiences
    3. Marketing of new, less crowded locations
    4. Food Forward


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